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On 4 January 1981, Mr. Song Zhian, both engineers from the Grid Power of China, founded Zhangqiu, Jinan, China. Our mission is to satisfy the demand of machinery and systems for the high quality processing of metal profiles in the most profitable markets on a Global basis, promoting the Shan Yi brand and trade mark with prestige.
Their initial plan was to provide technical service to Power Pack Center for the repeated combustion technology of coal. And successfully achieve and founded the first subcompany Shandong Shenghuo Technology Co., ltd. We combined with significant opportunities that began to arise during this era, meant that from 1981 Shan Yi began drafting projects and carrying out technical studies, as well as undertaking electrical assembly projects.
The following stages have all been key periods during Shan Yi’s 30 years of history:
Founding Period (1981-1991)
Start of the company’s first operations and expansion begins across all over China.
National Expansion and Consolidation (1991-2001)
The most important developments took place in China, expanding throughout the country. The company consolidated its business with sales of more than 100 Millions of RMB.
Continuous Growth (2001-2007)
Business kept growing while the company continued to adapt to the new demands of the market. New specialist companies were created as a result of this constant development, which began to operate under the slogan “Innovation as standard with the best customer service.
Innovation Expansion(2008-2014)
Shan Yi focuses its activities on development and innovation in the fields of information technology, CNC machine reducer and spindle manufacturing, CNC machine manufacturing and the innovation design of precision spindles.. The company’s evolution from the original product line based on assemblies and installations in the industrial, energy and telecommunications sectors, closely associated with limited markets, through to the range of differentiated activities with a high technological component has defined the extraordinary development that the company has made during this period.
Thanks to its outstanding vision of the future, Shan Yi has managed to reflect all these changes in a project to reorganize its business lines, updating its organizational structure and adopting a more flexible strategy that is capable of adapting to the evolution of new markets.
Shan Yi Today
Today ShanYi is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources. We create long term value for our shareholders through management that is characterized by the promotion of entrepreneurship, social responsibility, transparency and management diligence.large-scale cnc horizontal turning machine quotation

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