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Full More (Shanghai) Packaging Trading Co., Ltd.
established by American, Hong Kong and Taiwanese investors in 2006 under license of Calpack of USA.
The meaning of company name Full More is Full of American technologies and More competitive Chinese pricing to satisfy the respectful customers of market
Continuously we focused on shrink wrap machines and plastic film manufacturing especially in sealing/heat shrink machine and polyolefin (POF) shrink film fields.
After a few years researching and developing of heat shrinkage and environmental protection oriented oxo-biodegradable POF shrink film technologies.
We registered our own brand Calpack in China and we kept on reinforcing our products quality and service to meet our customer’s needs.
Now we are the agent of worldwide famous shrink wrap packing machine Smipack of Italy and excellent POF shrink film of French Bollore In China.
Also we are the partner of some market leaders in the world such as Germany Hugo Beck, American Shanklin, lantech…..etc.
Therefore our position is the packing solution provider of shrink wrap machine and best POF wrapping film manufacture in the world. And the goal is to enhance our quality meanwhile the capabilities of service
In accordance with our goal the products are categorized that the shrink wrap machines are L-Sealer machines; manual, semi-automatic and automatic L-Sealers: high speed side sealers machine; shrink tunnel etc.
And the category of POF shrink film are single wound and center folded by shape, cross-linked and multi-layers co-extrusion by technical types and also including sleeves, tubes, bags, printed and transparent items for customizing usages.
So the applications of our equipments and packing materials contain food, cosmetic, pharmacy, electronics, toys, detergents and mechanical industries etc for those who needs outstanding shrinkage, high transparency and good versatilities usage.
Now we appreciate to all of clients who accepted the total solution of our shrink wrap machine and POF shrink wraps that we offer. Therefore it makes us become the most prominent products and service supplier and we are the leading manufacture in those market places in China now.
EquipmentChina sealer machine suppliers

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