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Shenyang Elite Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company for export machines tools, parts and education machines.
All our staff have over 10 years some even over 20 years’ experience in machinery fields. With rich experience, we believe we can provide our customer high price-performance machine and service.
Company market covers Russia, Mid-South America, Australia, the Middle-East Area, South Africa, etc.
Products covers machine tools. spare parts, oil equipment and tools, other industry products , etc
Service covers after sales, machining (OEM), clamping tools design and making.etc.
Shenyang Elite Machinery & Equipment now is exclusive export agent for Nanjing Sky CNC machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd which is under China Transmission Group (HK stock Code: 658).

Nanjing Sky have Strong Machining ability, company have GDW-30/60 gantry grinding machine, Big boring and milling machine for machining parts, most machining equipments are imported. Equipments also includes big three coordinates measuring machine 2mx3mx4m, laser interferometer machine, ball-bar machine.
Company products includes Engraving & Milling Machine, VMC, CNC lathe, Gantry Milling Machine, 5 axes Machine and Laser cutting Machine. Have advanced checking equipment and system, all products have got ISO and CE certification.
With cooperate with Chinese excellent manufacturing, Shenyang Elite Machinery aiming provide our customers most worthy machine tools and best service.
beam move milling machine

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